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Volunteer With AHOP

Join as a Worship Leader or Prayer Leader

We ask that everyone that volunteers at Athens House of Prayer has received salvation in Jesus Christ and confessed with their mouth that Jesus is Lord and believed in their heart that God raised him from the dead. (Romans 10:9)


Our Goal is to build toward 24/7 prayer and worship. Our first goal on the road there is to have Morning (7am-9am) , Noon (12pm-2pm) , & Evening (4pm-6pm)  sets every weekday. Once we have regular commitments for a day and time we will officially advertise those times. 


You do not have to be a professional to lead a Morning, Noon, or evening set - as long as your heart it to glorify and praise the Lord you are ready. That can be through worship or playing an instrument. It could also be praying things over the room with Spotify in the back ground!


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Worship Leaders

Below is a brief video explaining the heart and the practicals of leading a devotional set. Reference the "Prayer Room" tab to understand the difference between Devotional Sets vs Harp & Bowl.

Prayer Leaders / Room Managers

Coming Soon ... 

A video explaining the heart and practicals of room managing.

For more information on the sign up page!

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