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The Athens House of Prayer (AHOP) does not belong to any one church or ministry... it belongs to THE Church of Athens! AHOP currently meets at the Phoenix Community of Athens, but it is not a ministry of Phoenix.

The heart behind the prayer room is to create a place where believers from all over can come together under the banner of prayer and worship in the name of Jesus.

Our goal is to grow to having 24/7 worship and prayer.

The model began thousands of years ago when the Lord gave Moses the tabernacle (a shadow of the things in Heaven), and then King David included the concept of non-stop worship year-round.

Followers of Jesus come from all of churches, denominations, and backgrounds to play a part in ministering to our Lord, and interceding on behalf of the city to see a revival that will shake the nations!

We are always looking for individuals, ministries, and churches to take on weekly time slots as we expand toward 24/7 worship and prayer. If you would like to get involved, let us know below!


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